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Etsy – iPod case from Sunday Afternoon Housewife

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Another sweet etsy.com purchase — a handmade iPod case in black felt with white felt headphones. I would always worry about damage when my iPod was banging around in my bag, so I’d been looking for a case. The seller even included a handwritten thank you card in the package. This is why I love buying through etsy – you get a real feeling of connecting directly with another person, instead of a giant corporation that could care less how your customer experience is. And I just like the idea of someone sitting in their living room putting something together to earn a living.

Sunday Afternoon Housewife at etsy.com


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Etsy – notebooks from TwoGuitars

notebooks from twoguitars at etsy.com

notebooks from twoguitars at etsy.com

Can you have too many notebooks? I don’t think so. I like to have something handy to make notes wherever I am, and these small Moleskine notebooks fit in the smallest purse, glove compartment, or even in a back pocket. Moleskine is a nice, high-quality brand too, so they won’t fall apart if you beat them up a little.

twoguitars at etsy.com

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